You’re in for a virtual reality surprise this weekend

If you go inSamsung Virtual Realityto the malls today you’re in for a big surprise.  It’s not a Teddy bears picnic or a 90% off sale at Gucci, but rather a demo of the Samsung Gear Virtual Reality Headset and soon to be launched Samsung Galaxy S7.

Virtual Reality is pegged to be THE trend this year and these cool Samsung demo sites give you a chance to understand what all the hype is about.  Pop the Virtual Reality Headset on and you’ll enter a new world.  It really is a magical experience!  I watched a showcase which took me through cities, the Venetian canals, forests and deserts.  Apparently there is a vast selection of content to choose from and I see this growing in a big and exciting way.

I do have a critique though, the image quality was really poor.  So, to gauge if my expectations are to high, I spent some time on a couple of forums to check what other people’s experiences have been like.  It seems as if either the gear I used was not properly focused or adjusted for my eyes or the quality of the video was really awful.  That being said, I look forward to testing the Samsung Gear VR Headset again with a better movie and settings.

Teleporting to another world with Virtual Reality is a mind blowing experience so go ahead and try it!






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