Why I love Paperless Post

I am a tech girl at heart. I tweet, and post on instagram all day, I send whatsapps and emails instead of calling or writing and I salivate over newest generation phones and iPads. I am terrible at administration and avoid anything that involves real paper with amazing deftness.

So, when my youngest son turned seven a few years ago the very idea of having to track down invitations that appealed to 6 year olds and ensure they were delivered into the correct hands, sent me into a panic. Never mind managing the RSVPs, which usually flood your phone when you are miles away from your invitation list and tend to disappear into a black hole before you get to diligently mark them off. Managing invitation lists always left me mixed up and frustrated. To put it mildly, I was dreading the entire invitation process.

So, I went online and found a solution: Paperless Post. It makes so much sense for me! Dan and I can design the invite ourselves, email it and receive RSVP’ almost immediately. I don’t need to worry about running out of party packs because people thought they had RSVP’d or it got lost in the stuff that fills up my day. And, I don’t need to worry about people showing up at the wrong place, because the address is embedded in the invitation. Plus its eco-friendly!

Paperless Post has been around since 2009 and is super easy to use. Set up an account, choose your design either using their event suggestions or browse by designer or stationary type. They have both card designs that can be sent for free, or premium designs that require coins, which you can purchase with your credit card. The most difficult thing you have to do is load the email addresses of your recipients as a CSV or .vcf file. Once you have loaded an email address, it stays in your address book on Paperless Post and you can easily create a new list for your next event. You can track how many invitations you sent, who replied, who has not opened the email and how many bounced.

I am currently using Paperless Post for my eldest’s 13th Birthday. 103 Guests invited, 55 attending, 2 regrets, 39 have not replied and 2 bounced.

Now try be that efficient with pen and paper!


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