Wearable Tech wants to be in your life but do you want to let it in?

We keep hearing stores of innovative wearable tech being developed. Everyone seems to be in on the game and Wearables are quickly blending with fashion and are being worn in the same way as a pair of shoes or handbag.

Here’s a list of what we think are some of the more popular and interesting wearable tech devices on offer:

Smart Watches

Smart WatchSmart watches generally enable you to look at your messages, answer calls, control your music and everything in between.

Whether you are looking for functional, sporty or down-right stylish there are a plethora of options out there. Apple, Pebble, LG, Motorola, Samsung and Sony all have Smart Watches on offer. Mont Blanc has an e-strap which looks beautiful when paired with one of their time pieces and Tag Heuer is launching their smart watch in November (at a price of $1400 it may be all you get for Christmas!).

Most of what a smart watch does can be achieved by simply using your phone. And they all need to be paired with a smartphone.  But,  there is some geeky, fashion forward satisfaction to be gained by glancing at your wrist to read your messages.

Fitness Trackers

Gadgets that can tell the time, monitor steps taken, calories burned, your sleep patterns and heart rate are all the rage right now. Fitbit, Jawbone, Runtastic, Garmin and Misfit are all options. The functionality you want will help you make your choice  –  decide what is important to you: sleep tracking, heart rate monitor, battery life and smartphone compatibility. Several fitness trackers have some smart watch functionality, and some smart watches have fitness features, too. But a smart watch is different to a fitness tracker which puts fitness tracking first!

Sex Tracking

There has to be a sex tracking gadget somewhere in the quantified self movement and Sexfit is planning to be the Fitbit of love. Wear the vibrating ring-shaped device in the obvious place and it’ll measure your calories burned and thrusts per minute as well as suggest the correct tempo to work at.

Pet tracking

Want to know what your pet gets up to all day? There are a number of wearables on the markets for pets – they look slick, are attached to their collars and a glance at your smartphone will tell you what they are up to while you are away.

Virtual Reality

On a grand scale, it’s probably the world of virtual reality that could have the biggest impact on the way we live. Sitting front row at sporting events, hanging with your friends, learning what chemistry is all about by standing at the molecular level from the face-strapped comfort of your own home is some pretty big stuff. Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard and Samsung VR  are some of the big brands to watch, but there are a number of super interesting products in this space.

Virtual Reality Sex

Virtual Reality Sex
Image: Lovense

We couldn’t talk about virtual reality headgear without introducing you to Virtual Sex.  The typical futuristic vision of sex toys includes a virtual reality headset and responsive sex toys that provide a full and immersive experience. Virtual reality headsets that offer 360 degree responsive motion are hitting shelves soon and in the near future you could enjoy sex with your partner or an actor whilst you are thousands of kilometers away from each other.

Wearables for Kids and Parents

We love the potential of these two applications having been through years of waking up to check on the baby!

Mimo Baby WearableSmart baby grows monitor the breathing, skin temperature, body position and sleeping and activity levels of babies. You can set-up alerts if there are any changes. This means parents don’t have to get up and check on the baby throughout the night any more than they need to. I wonder if we could get our teenage son to wear one!

Web connected toothbrushes sync with an app and gives you real-time data about how well you are brushing your teeth and if you are missing some key spots. Its great for parents – you can monitor just how well you kids are brushing their teeth.

Activity, sleep, heart rate, sex, pets and children, you name it there is a device that can track it

Wearables help a lot of people achieve goals such as staying fit, being active, losing weight or being more organised.  However, wearable tech devices are still largely unnecessary for most people. For the vast majority, these devices are somewhere between a toy and a tool that is often somewhat redundant to your smartphone.



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