Think outside the heart shaped box

At TechSalad we love Valentines Day, it’s a great celebration where you can share tokens of affection with your friends and lovers.  Forget red roses, chocolates and smarmy cards, here are a few beautiful Valentines Day ideas:

Live a Happy and Healthy Life

I have a friend who is in ICU at the moment and her Valentines Day gift would be to have a happy and healthy life.  TechSalad has covered a few health apps like and my FitnessPal, which we love using and which can motivate you to live a healthy life.

The route to happiness is often more illusive and less measurable.  There has been a ton of research and writing on happiness, with a few consistent truths:

  1. Choose to be happy
  2. Build and cherish relationships that are positive
  3. Buy less stuff and more experiences
  4. Look after your health
  5. Meditate

HeadspaceMeditating to happiness?

I can’t explain it, but meditating definitely brings you joy. Studies have even shown that meditation directly accesses those parts of the brain in charge of happiness. Over time, the more you access those areas of the brain, the happier you get. And of course there is an App for it!

Headspace starts off teaching you the basics of meditation and mindfulness in 10 minutes a day for 10 days. You have the option of subscribing to access additional content after 10 days.  This App is a prefect gift for a loved one or yourself on Valentines Day. To quote their intro movie “Who knows, maybe if you start treating your head right, everything else will follow”

Live a Sexy Life

You’ll find all the toys, lingerie, bondage gear and lubricants you could ever use at Passionfruit.  Shop for yourself, your partner or just browse through their site for an education. Passionfruit is secure and discreet, giving you an opportunity to “branch out” a bit. 😉

There’s a song for that

Song lyrics generally say it better than we ever could. Create the perfect music playlist with the help of Apple Music or Deezer and leave your partner enamoured.  A couple of classics to share include:

Love Makin Music – Barry White

Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye

Young Americans – Bowie

Crazy in Love – Beyonce ft. Jay-Z

Sunday Morning – Maroon 5

Green Eyes – Coldplay….the list could go on and on!

Whatever you’re doing this Valentines Day, there’s an App for that. Think outside the heart shaped box and have a fabulous day.









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