The cloud is not a f(@)# mystery

In December we spent our late afternoons lounging on our deck with friends and family, cooling off with large Henderson Gin and Tonics, served with tons of ice and a sliver of cucumber.  During one of these glorious times, the conversation turned to tech stuff, this blog and my friend J requested this article: “No one knows what the cloud is” she said, echoing Jason Segal In the movie, The Sex Tapes. “It’s a fucking mystery,” he says. And he is just about right.

The “Cloud” is not a cloud in the sky, but rather a lot of servers (computer boxes) that you can save things to. We don’t own these boxes, but are companies like Apple, Google and DropBox give us free space in these boxes to save files from our computers, tablets and phones.

The Cloud has two benefits:

  1. You can back up all your information from you tech devices, so if you loose your computer, phone or tablet you do not loose all the information on it.
  2. This information can then be available across all your devices – the information is saved in the cloud and pulled to your device, rather than being saved on your actual computer, phone, or tablet.

Best Cloud Storing Apps:

  1. Best for Apple fans: iCloud
  2. Best for Microsoft fans: OneDrive
  3. Best for Chromecast users: Copy
  4. Best for Googlers: Google Drive
  5. Best for cloud storage on the fly: Dropbox
  6. Best for simplicity: Box
  7. Best for cloud storage beginners: SugarSync
  8. Best for small files: MediaFire
  9. Best for the paranoid: Mega

Your Privacy:

The files  that you upload to the cloud are stored on a service  providers servers. Theoretically this is fine and your data is safe. However, in reality, these servers can be hacked into and depending on your agreement with the service provider, you may or may not control ownership of your data once it is uploaded to the cloud.   This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use iCloud, GoogleDrive, Dropbox etc, just that you should think about what you are uploading before you use them.









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