The Best Apps For The Olympics In Rio

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio started two days ago and we have been pretty much glued to the TV. I have been testing a couple of apps to help me keep track of the Olympics, it’s not going to be possible to sit on the couch for the next couple of weeks!

Unfortunately, the “official” apps for the Olympics aren’t the best. The International Olympic Committee’s official app has poor reviews in both its Android and iOS editions, and it took me too long to get around the Rio 2016 app .

Good news? There are some third party apps that are pretty good:

BBC Sport

BBC Sport has added a menu option for Rio 2016, making it easy to get all the latest news. Some of the features of the app, however, aren’t going to be super beneficial if you aren’t based in the UK. This is the best App so far though!


I’m not familiar with ESPN’s app and it took me a while to figure out how to use it for Olympic coverage. You tap that middle button (the one with a football and basketball on it) and select Rio 2016.  Once there, the app is pretty cool. There is a daily schedule, Results and Medal Tracker section. As well as information on particular sports and athletes.

NBC Olympics

NBC’s Olympics app delivers lots of news, and there are tabs devoted to providing a host of speciality information. I love the idea of the “Replay” option however, the content is not available in South Africa!


South African sports supporters wanting to follow Team SA at the 2016 Rio Olympics can download the TeamSArise mobile application.  Unfortunately it is only available  for android devices, so let me know if you have downloaded it and what you think!



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