Streaming music is here, are you with us?

Owning a library of physical music is rapidly becoming an anachronism. My purchases of physical albums have been few and far between since I first plugged my headphones into an iPod and it’s not only me. Globally physical album sales have been plummeting and now digital downloads are on the decline too, according to a Nielsen report.

Instead, we are streaming our music online via a growing crop of music services that offer infinite choices for listening to and discovering new music in ‘real time’. On the whole, we seem to be content with renting access to music, instead of owning it.

Globally early streaming services like Pandora and Spotify remain the heavyweights in the industry but neither is available directly in South Africa.

YouTube is a top destination for music streaming and is great for hunting down super obscure B-side songs and banned videos, which means my teenage sons and his friends love it, but again, our location at the tip of Africa imposes limits on what we have access to.   YouTube pales in comparison to other services when it comes to creating a playlist and discovering music.

These are the top streaming services available in South Africa:

  • Apple Music
  • Deezer
  • Rdio
  • Simfyafrica
  • Rara
  • Mixradio

Nafisa Akabor has written an excellent review on the last five:

Apple music had not launched at the time the review was written, but I would imagine that it would feature in her top two! Download them all, try them out (some offer free trials for their unlimited subscription) and decide which one suits you best.

My Personal picks: Deezer and Apple Music

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