It’s time to relax and play things for your ears

Thanks to @feelotter our resident music guru!

Hundreds of songs come out every month, and if you blink while looking at Apple Music, Google Play, or wherever else you hear about new music, you are bound to miss something. This is where we can help.

Fee spends hours every day listening to hordes of old and new music (between managing her full time paying job, two boys and straight out of Big Bang Theory husband). We’ve decided to put her best finds all in one place. What follows are her top songs for this week:

Drone Bomb Me, Hopelessness, Anohno –  off beat and not everyone’s cup of tea, lyrics are amazing

New Americana, Badlands, Halsey  – great female vocalist

Life is Fear, In Dream, The Editors – they’ll feature in Fee’s top ten a lot, one of the most underrated UK Indie Bands

Soldiers Eyes, Between the Minds, Jack Savoretti – Gorgeous Voice!

Wonder, Harder than Easy, Jack Savoretti

Falling Short, Understudy EP, Lapsley – another under the radar female volcalist

Hurt Me, Hurt Me Single, Lapsley

Take Shelter, Communion, Years and Years – Fabulous Album!

The mother we share, The bones of what you believe, CVRCHES – Can’t get enough of this girl’s voice!

To Lose my Life, To Lose My Life, White Lies – if you like non commercial 80’s music!

Listen to Fee’s weekend top 10 on Apple



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