Apps to keep track of your period – yes, it’s important

If you are anything like me, life happens at a fast pace and you can loose track of regular, or what should be regular things like your period.  A surprise period can get messy and on the flip side, a missed period can get equally messy.

Of the many highly rated period tracking apps, these are our two favourites:

Hormonology iHormone Horoscopes a Hormone Horoscope App that helps you predict your mood, energy level, cravings, brain skills, chattiness, pain sensitivity and desire to get it on – based on which week you are in your monthly cycle.  The Horoscope shows you how your rising and falling hormones impact on your every day life and gives you tips on how you can make your day better. You can predict and understand why you crave certain food, go on a shopping spree or just want to curl up on the couch.  The horoscope gives you tips on what you should be eating more of, when you will feel most confident and when your brain is likely to be performing at its optimal capacity.

To use the Hormone Horoscope, simply figure out where you are in your cycle–Day 1 starts with the first day of menstruation and you count from there. Then simply read your Hormone Horoscope for that day.

Clue AppClue is lot more detailed than Hormonology and academic citations are included for all of the educational information contained in the App.

To get started with Clue, you enter your typical period and cycle length, as well as any symptoms of PMS you might experience. The app uses this information to predict your future periods and ovulation days. After you enter a few months of data, it tweaks these estimates based on your actual cycle lengths. You can also enter body temperature data for more accurate fertility charting.

The calendar view lets you tap on icons to report the heaviness of your flow, any changes in cervical fluid, moods and pain (such as cramping or breast tenderness). The icons on Clue’s simple, uncluttered calendar view are intuitive, easy to distinguish and frisky (the icon for protected sex is  wears a tie and high sex drive is a rabbit).
Clue IconsYou can record the days on which you had sex as well as spikes in sex drive, and you can also create custom tags to track more specific moods or hormonal symptoms. If you are trying to fall pregnant and are using separate ovulation tests, you can tell the app which days those tests come back positive and negative, and Clue will use that information when calculating your fertile window.

Clue also enables you to set reminders to take birth control pills, change hormonal rings or patches, or take your temperature for fertility tracking.

Overall, it is important to keep tabs on your general health by tracking your monthly period.   You want to avoid surprises and be aware of your natural emotional and physical fluctuations.





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