Affordable Tablets for Kids

If you’re like me, you want your kids to be tech savvy without being overwhelmed. Entertained whilst also being educated. Able to develop their talents and creativity through technology whilst you have confidence that their usage is safe and secure. You want any computer hardware in their reach to drop on the ground without a shattered and frozen screen.

Who makes these tablets and which is the best one for your child? More so, which is the best value for money? Well it really depends on your child, their learning needs and their age. 

Here are five well priced and reputable entry level brands with some great features for younger kids:

LeapFrog Epic

5 – 6 years


The LeapFrog Epic is a one-of-a-kind Android-based tablet experience that grows with your kid.  It  features a customisable and playable home screen and a safe, out-of-the-box experience that expands when they’re ready to explore more. Plus, they can learn as they grow from LeapFrog’s auto-leveling learning games to Android™ kid-favorites for their own world of fun.

LeapFrog Epic

LeapPad 3

3 – 6 years

±R1700 (includes a game)

We especially love this Tab’s rubber casing, knowing that it will be dropped numerous times by little kids.

While the hardware is cheaper than normal tablets, note that the software can be more expensive. The advantage of Leapfrog software is that, while not as cheap as normal mobile apps, it has been built by educational PhDs with both fun and learning in mind. With its white-list web browsing it’s safer online than most adult tablets, although it’s limited in its scope from that point of view. The LeapPads are bestsellers every year and the latest models build on an award-winning and popular formula without any huge leaps forward in terms of design or functionality.

We think their upper-age range is six or seven rather than Leapfrog’s claimed nine.


LeapPad Platinum


Ages 3 – 9 yrs.

The LeapPad Platinum is a decent choice if you’re after a tablet for your kids – or grandkids. It’s completely locked down, designed specifically for kids and therefore will withstand the odd knock or drop. Kids will love the pre-loaded content, which is generally good quality, but they’ll be asking for more apps before long, and the choice is much more limited than on an Android tablet or iPad.


Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini Wifi

5+yrs; Price: From R4600

The iPad mini is a premium small tablet, with a price to match. Apple has included  a Retina screen and better processor with newer versions at bigger prices. The iPad Mini is not cheap by any stretch, especially if you want more storage spare or the 3G/4G cellular version, but it’s great value compared to a full-size iPad.


Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S

Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-S-8.4-25+yrs; Price: R7600

If you want to treat your little one to one of the most jaw-dropping tablet displays on the market, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 5 is worth a look. This display is ideal for cozy movie nights, and the Tabs robust Kids’ Mode ensures that all content your child gets his or her hands on is age appropriate.

NOTE: Prices are approximate and opinions are own!!



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