5 Reasons you should be on Instagram

I love Instagram. It’s less drama than Facebook and prettier than Twitter.   It makes the ordinary look awesome and connects people and ideas from disparate regions of the globe.

Not convinced? Here are 5 more reasons you should be on this simple social platform that makes your world bigger.

  1. Your kids use it a lot.  So, it is a good idea for you to have an account. I am not advocating cyber stalking them, but it is useful to be using the same technology as them. Think about it as getting to know the neighborhood your kid is hanging out.
  2. The beautiful visual aspect is a huge allure. The interface is simple and beautiful and there are some breathtaking posts.  Instagram gives you a visual understanding of the world. Pic of the day, gives you insight into the diversity of our planet.
  3. It allows me to feel like I know and to a certain extend, actually get to know a person or brand. The beautiful visuals of YuppieChef make the brand more tangible than ever before
  4. The Discover tab is super smart. It collects images from accounts that might be of interest to you based on who you already follow and engage with.  Scroll through it for a few minutes and you are bound to find something new you like. And following someone you don’t know is not stigmatised, in fact it is encouraged.  You can find a ton of people who are into the kind of things you are,  it’s a way of finding kindred spirits.
  5. With Instagram we appreciate what we have now. It’s a winters day in the mountains and the grey clouds hang around heavily and the earth is still before it surrenders to the storm…

See you on Instagram.




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