10 songs you need to listen to this weekend

Phew, this has been a long and busy week.  On the upside, it’s Friday and Spring is in the air here in the South.  Set yourself up for a fabulous weekend with this fabulous tunes from Fee.

Hot off iTunes last week  is the latest single from One Republic – Kids.
This is an awesome upbeat song which is definitely going to be another hit for Ryan Tedder.  My eldest loves One Republic and forced me to listen to them. So glad I did! They are really brilliant.

Dark Necessities – Red Hot Chilli Peppers – The Getaway
I just LOVE this latest album from RHCP, personally I think it is their best album yet. Really hard to choose my fave track as Anthony Kiedis has said that the album has been put together to be listened to in track succession from Track 1 to 13! It’s a masterpiece!
(and they are really hot 😉 )

The Pugilist – Keaton Henson is a truly beautiful song. Henson is a folk singer from London, who has the most beautiful haunting voice, and this song is just gorgeous with beautiful lyrics.

People – Biffy Clyro – Ellipsis
You will love this song from Biffy Clyro’s new album, Ellipsis.  This it their 7th album and the Scottish band has delivered an honest album with brutal, dark, cynical and truthful lyrics.  I love the contrast of the beautiful gentle sounds and big rock guitar sounds. It was difficult to choose a top track so make some time to listen to the entire album.

I stumbled across these old songs this week and they are definitely deserving of an another listen.

Wild – Troye Sivan
A great song from 2015 that puts me in a good mood!

If you are dealing with teen angst flash back to one of my all time favourite songs,  Numb – Linkin Park – Meteora.  Released in 2003 it is still so relevant!

Porcelain- Moby – Play
If you have never hear of Moby, then check out this album, Play.
Released in 1999/2000 its different electronica music with great vocal samples.
This album dominated the US charts for two years, and was recorded in Moby’s New York Apartment.

Ghosts – Laura Marling – Alas I cannot swim
Released in 2008, when Laura Marling was just 17 years old.  This song is a beautifully folksy with crystal clear vocals and a stunning acoustic guitar. I just love the lyrics too!

For a Flashback to 90’s

Sunglasses at night – Corey Hart

It’s made a come back in the brilliant new series Stranger Things. A series worth checking out, and a great soundtrack too.

Finally, to keep with tradition, ending with a Editors Track!
Papillon – Editors – In this Light and on This Evening
Released in 2009, brilliant synth music with kick ass drums, and dark lyrics.
Great song to run to…………! “Kicks like a sleep twitch”

Hope you enjoy this weeks recommendations. A real mixed bag of songs, a mix of genres & a mix of new and old songs to enjoy!


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